Tooke & Smith Overview

T&S Company Brochure

Tooke & Smith Consultants is a full-service strategic planning, business development, and proposal management firm. For the past 16 years, we have been recognized as a leader in capture planning and proposal development through our proven ability to develop winning solutions for our customers. Tooke & Smith brings expertise across diverse market segments, delivers products and services at the highest industry standards, and provides industry awareness that supports our clients’ changing needs. Tooke & Smith:

  • Increases your growth and profitability by providing industry-focused strategic and business planning processes
  • Reduces your risk and cost by identifying and implementing more efficient and cost-effective business practices
  • Increases your market share by improving capture planning and providing proposal management and writing expertise
  • Expands your bid opportunities by linking firms through teaming, joint ventures, and mergers/acquisitions
  • Enhances your cost competitiveness by providing expertise in operations, program/project management, and strategic pricing

In the words of our clients…

“Recently, we were in a bind when a 'must win' came out at the same time two other proposals were in the works (both of which T&S was supporting). Even though it was two weeks from the due date, Tooke & Smith worked it into their workload....”

“The ability to add value is rooted in T&S's unique ability to maintain an active pulse on the industry (in measuring competition and partnering) as well as client expectations (across DoD) for proposal submittals.”

“T&S provides knowledgeable, experienced resources familiar with customer proposal requirements.”

“The value of Tooke & Smith is that they think of better ways to do something - in a clear and concise manner. The value to take something complex and bringing the information down to a level the selection board can understand."