Tooke & Smith has earned a national reputation for winning work (84% win rate) by generating high quality proposals and providing exceptional services. Over the past 10 years, we achieved a client retention rate of >95%.

In the words of our clients…
“T&S efforts have got us on the map as a Nationwide/OCONUS contractor and also as one of the premier Small Business contractors in the USACE markets.  The vetting process is excellent to make go/no-go decisions. We also like the innovative thought process and the knowledge regarding the customer requirements and expectations T&S brings to the table.”

“Just wanted to take a minute to extend a sincere thank you for the daunting effort expended to make our ESO proposal come to fruition.  The dedication and capabilities of your group are simply astounding and we could have never pulled it off without Tooke & Smith at the wheel.  Your Team was an absolute pleasure to work with and I look most forward to our next opportunity together (engaging your services much earlier of course).  We were literally tasked with the impossible and did exactly what we had to do to make it happen………….thank you Tooke & Smith for a job incredibly well done.”

“Straightforward communications, honesty, and technically sound services. I wish I could afford to use T&S more as I believe we are a better competitor when T&S is involved.”

“For capabilities, T&S is one of the best in the country based on our experience.
• You know how to write a winning proposal.
• You design/provide excellent graphics.
• You are willing to bend over backwards for us in a crunch.
• You are fun to work with!”
“We’ve won nearly every time with T&S increasing our Federal revenue. More importantly, our winning Federal proposals have helped us “step up our game” and become our model for State/Muni and even some private sector proposals. T&S has been a critical part of us winning more Federal work. No doubt about it.  We consider using T&S on every significant Federal proposal. Working with them challenges us in a good way and yields a great proposal always. And we always find a way to have a laugh and a few drinks during each one. That genuinely counts for a lot.  They always have a “let’s resolve it and move forward” attitude which is critical. During a proposal, T&S is always upfront with things – budgets, status, etc. Never any BS once a proposal is underway. Responsiveness is always great.”
“I want to thank you again for providing a superior level of service for the latest RFP response that you developed. I am proud of the product that you developed which in my mind equals or surpasses the product that is produced by some of the largest US Government contractors. You are always responsive to our needs even when the timeline to respond is tight and when the ability to communicate effectively is challenged by Mark and my travel itineraries to remote locations.
We look forward to winning this bid and working with you and your associates at Tooke & Smith in the future.”
“Thanks to you all for your superb support on this fast-breaking effort. As always, your work is a “difference-maker” and will serve to put our information into the best possible light. We sincerely appreciate your efforts. It is always delightful to work with you—we always learn from the experience. We look forward to the next chance to work together.  Now that the dust has settled and I’ve had a good chance to look through the proposal, I just wanted to get back with you-all on your efforts. You-all did a killer job and there is no doubt in my mind that the quality of our submittal is directly related to you-all’s input. Going through each project and resume and working with our team partners was a huge effort and it paid off. You-all’s knowledge and experience with the SF330 format is going to put us way ahead of the competition. I’m certain that this is the best proposal that the 45th Space Wing has ever seen. Thank you for that.”

“This is the most attractive proposal I have ever seen. When printed it is gorgeous.”