Infrastructure Improvement

Because winning proposals are intricately linked to delivering low-risk solutions, Tooke & Smith provides the capabilities to assess and implement business infrastructure improvements. By providing staff with expertise across business functions, we can clearly identify and prioritize best management practices and systems/tools that enhance operations and mitigate risk.

  • Infrastructure Assessment – Tooke & Smith interviews your management staff to baseline current operations, compares operations to best management practices, and identifies gaps in capabilities.
  • Operational Improvements – With senior executives on staff who have directed
    operations, marketing, financials, etc. for multi-billion-dollar companies, we can identify and prioritize areas for improvement to maximize operational impacts.
  • Project Management Support – Our project management staff provide structured
    Project Manager training, procedures/tools, and hands-on experience to improve your Project Managers’ skills and capabilities.
  • Program Development – Tooke & Smith provides subject matter experts and business professionals to help you establish and launch programs in new markets, such as MMRP, design-build construction, logistics/base operations, and renewable energy.